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Plan for dissemination

The goals of dissemination and exploitation in the ACCEPT project are visibility of project results and discussions, stakeholder awareness of ongoing research in the project, and the impact of the results.

We will make sure that the ACCEPT project results are visible to the public, discussions are enhanced, stakeholder are aware of ongoing research in the project, and the results have an impact on the research community as well as on industrial exploitation.

The social web has become the conduit for like-minded enthusiasts to read, learn and meet. These are the opinion formers, and the early adopters in our organizations. Both commercial and non-commercial interests leverage and cross-pollinate their thinking on the social web. Facilities like Twitter and Facebook can be opportunities to learn and interact virtually, long before a paper is written or a conference is attended.

As the global economy moves into the 21 century its knowledge workers need to supplement their internal learning and communication opportunities with access to ideas and prototype sourced from their social networks.

Measuring ACCEPT’s impact on the social web, estimating its sentiment within its network will be an important assessment of the leverage of both its principles and the utility of its prototypes. The feedback gleaned from its diverse audience will be a considerable influence and perhaps a deciding factor in its development and continuing success as a project over its life-span.

An integral part of the community development feedback function will be to monitor and crystallize the advice and leverage the assistance offered through this medium. This will open the way for exploitation both formal and informal. Many companies and NGOs struggle with the problems of communicating with their communities, and very few leverage the good offices of those communities in mutually acceptable projects. Authoring and translation is admittedly a small part of the range activities open to this type of collaboration, but it serves as a useful test-bed for many others. The Opensource status of many of our deliverables will encourage further development and widen the reach of the project. Interested parties will take these prototypes and develop their own tuned applications.

The writing and translation world is going through a social web revolution currently and ACCEPT will provide another strand in this developing story. The consortium will work in close cooperation with Open source bodies and charitable foundations to distribute ACCEPT technologies in a dual licensing scheme allowing both free access (similar to open source) for academic and charitable use and potential commercial exploitation.