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ACCEPT publishes video clips

September 2013

Community Translation in the NGO Sector

The ACCEPT project is now producing great results, including the publication of demonstration videos and eLearning sessions.

Lexcelera is proud to announce the publication of two video clips describing the uses of the ACCEPT Portal for the NGO sector. The videos are in French and English and have been deployed on YouTube. A public information web campaign which uses the audio video as a reference is run to announce their publication in the coming weeks.

From today, you can view, share and like our videos from the following links: (English) (French)

Community Translation in the Commercial Sector

In the Era of the Social Web, the combination of computing, communication, content and consumer, have led to a more intense connectivity between individuals and groups in public spaces.

Many of the enterprises and organizations have communities in Europe who seek contact with people outside their own national boundaries. In this environment, people come to online communities for information and the mutual support of their peers bringing the ability to interact with content as both consumers and producers. The Norton Community is an example of online forum where customers are more likely to take the advice of a fellow community member than the advice of a company employee. It is a large family that provides support in three different languages: English, French and German.

The Symantec-ACCEPT team goal is to help these groups share information and have conversation more effectively across languages. The ACCEPT project is focused on taking popular forum posts, amending them as they are written so they machine translate well, and then encouraging community post-editing to occur in the target language on the forum.

Our aim is to encourage customers active in online communities to participate in this project by increasing contributions to online discourse generating content and providing pre-editing and post-editing services. These actions help the Community to achieve better dialogue with a wider audience, breaking through the language barrier.

An introductory video is available from the following link: (English)