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Barry Haddow

Dr.  Barry   Haddow
University of Edinburgh

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Curriculum vitae

Barry Haddow received a PhD in Mathematical Physics in 1994 from the University of Aberdeen, then after a year as a research fellow in Trinity College Dublin, he worked for several years as an IT Consultant in a Dublin-based company. He returned to the academic world in 2004, first gaining his masters in artificial intelligence in the University of Edinburgh before starting work as a Research Fellow the following year, in the same institution. Since then he has worked on TXM (an academic-industrial information extraction project), and two EU funded machine translation projects (Euromatrix and Euromatrixplus). As well as co-authoring nearly 20 peer-reviewed conference papers, and reviewing for many of the major computational linguistics conferences, he has been one of the main contributors to the Moses translation system in his time at Edinburgh, both in terms of software and user support. His research interests are in discriminative training and feature engineering for machine translation systems, and domain adaptation.

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Role in the project

Contributor to WP4 and WP10